5 Big Warning Signs That Your Garage Foundation May Be Leaking

5 Signs of a Garage Foundation Leak

A leak in your garage foundation or concrete slab can cause great havoc to your home. The high water levels and humid climate in most cities can encourage a pipe leak to accelerate foundation erosion. Unfortunately, cracks in your garage foundation can be challenging to repair. Thus, always ensure that you fix the leak as soon as you notice the presence of a garage foundation leak. Here are four signs of a potential garage leak.

Crack in Slab or Garage Foundation Leak

The presence of cracks in the slab of your garage can indicate an underground waterline leak. Sometimes, the water leak can discolor the cement, giving a sign of water seepage. A water leak can also cause erosion, making the garage settle to a lower level and resulting in a sloping floor.

Damp or Warm Garage Floor

You can also opt to check the floor covering and carpet for dampness as it is another sign of water leak. When the plumbing leak spreads, it will force the stone floors and the grouting tiles to crumble, which can cause significant damage to your garage.

When you notice that your floor is turning damp and warm, you may be having a hot water leak. However, inspect your heater first, and if it is secure, contact a specialist to check the underground pipes for leaks.

Mildew and Mold or Low Water Pressure

Another sign of water leak is the growth of mildew, algae, and mold on the walls and the baseboards. When you notice such changes, inspect the kitchen and bathroom floors for pipe leaks. If they are secure, then know that you could be having an underground pipe leak.

When you experience a reduction in water pressure, it can be due to an underground plumbing leak. Start by inspecting the exposed plumbing and if they are okay, contact a professional to check the leak.

Call an Expert

When it comes to garage foundation repairs, you should contact a professional who specializes in garage door installation in Bristol, MA, to inspect your garage. This can help ease the repair wages that you may use in the future if the worst happens.