A Few Urgent Garage Door Repair Issues That Should Not Be Put Off

Urgent Garage Door Repair Issues That Should Not Wait

Over the lifespan of your garage door, you will certainly encounter numerous repair issues, some of which you can easily handle yourself. However, there are a few urgent garage door repair issues that pose dangerous risks to your home or family if the matter is not fixed properly and quickly. Read on to discover several important repair issues to consider from your Rhode Island garage door repair specialists.

Faulty or Broken Garage Door Cables

Within your door’s system, the garage door cables serve as the muscles that smoothly move the door up and down on the tracks. If one or more of those cables becomes stretched or snaps entirely, your garage door could possibly fall too quickly or erratically, potentially injuring a person or vehicle in its path. If you notice cables that are fraying or looking overly worn, now is the time to act and have them replaced by your local garage door maintenance experts.

Broken Garage Door Springs are Another Common Problem

Much like the cables within your garage system, the garage door springs offer the needed stability for lifting and lowering the weight of your garage door. Over time, those springs can sustain enough wear and tear to stretch the coils out of proper alignment or break the spring all together. If this happens, you are again facing a potentially hazardous situation with a garage door that is not able to function safely within the mechanism.

Urgent Garage Door Repair for a Garage Door Motor

The garage door motor is the driving force for the movement of your garage door. There are any number of issues that can arise with a motor such as frayed wiring or simply outliving its lifespan, and a broken motor will leave you and your garage door stuck. If you notice your garage door is not opening or closing as efficiently as before or if you notice any smoking or loud sounds coming from the motor, it is time to consult the professionals about making an urgent garage door repair to replace the motor.