Best Vintage Doors for Your Garage Door to Match Your Old-Fashioned Home


Having an old home doesn’t mean you don’t have to have a new garage that doesn’t fit in. Instead, you can choose a great set of garage doors to complement the style of your house.

Best Vintage Doors to Match Your Old House’s Garage

Living in an old-fashioned home can invoke thoughts of times past. If you have a stunning older home, you might just be the envy of your neighborhood. There are a variety of vintage doors you can get for your garage to complement your home.

Farmhouse Style Vintage Doors

The farmhouse style is a wonderful choice of vintage doors to add to your garage. It offers your property a wonderfully rustic appearance and can be made even better when you add windows. These doors are not only a complementary style for your house, but they are also versatile. You can paint them to the color of your choice or add a touch of color just to their base. These vintage doors are also well insulated and can effectively protect your car and other property in the garage.

Carriage Style

Carriage style type doors are the perfect addition to your garage if you want to match the look of your old house. It offers smooth lines of traditionally white garage doors with the typical design of an X etched running down the length of the wood. Tiny windows and defined roof lines complete this classic, clean look. These doors are also easy to maintain and should require only minimal garage door repair in Rhode Island. You will never get bored with the beauty of these vintage doors as they fit beautifully with the overall look of your home.

Natural Wood Style

If your old house is made of wood or primarily wood, this is a traditional choice of vintage doors for your garage. There are many different kinds of wood you can choose from, but any one of them would match up nicely with the style of your old home. You can also have the doors painted in the color of your choice or simply have them stained for an even more sophisticated look.

These are the best style vintage doors for your garage. They will all beautifully complement your old-fashioned house.