Commonly Used Garage Door Materials

Types of Garage Door Materials Available to Select

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, likely the most important factor when selecting a garage door is to choose the right garage door materials, of which there are many. Each material has its own distinct benefits that you could take advantage of as a homeowner. Understanding what these benefits are will allow you to purchase a garage door that fits your exact needs.

Steel Garage Door

The steel garage door material is very common and is considered a premium material because of its durability. The highest quality steel doors are comprised two separate layers of the galvanized steel material. These doors can be painted in a variety of different colors to match your home. When you purchase one of these doors, they are available with insulation and without insulation depending on what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that these doors can be dented, which is why it’s recommended that you select a thick steel door.

Wood Door Materials

Wood garage doors are comprised of separate layers in order to prevent any warping. The woods that are commonly used for garage doors include fir, cedar, and redwood. These doors are typically purchased because of their aesthetic qualities. You could also select a composite door that comes with a wood frame. These doors can simulate real wood doors with the inclusion of grooves and overlays.

Aluminum and Fiberglass Doors

Aluminum doors are unique in that they don’t rust and have a large number of options for colors and brushed finishes. With fiberglass doors, you’ll obtain a stylish door that isn’t susceptible to cracks or dents. These doors are typically constructed by bonding two fiberglass layers with a durable steel frame. Once the door has been constructed, it’s usually filled with a dense polyurethane insulation that helps with energy efficiency. After you’ve purchased your preferred garage door, you should consider contacting a professional repair company that can provide you with garage door installation in Bristol MA.