Everything To Know About Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage house garage doors are one of the most historical types of garage doors. Today, they still have timeless appeal. Carriage garage doors were initially used in barns and carriage homes to store horse-drawn carriages. They were made with a hinge design and swung outwards. From giving your home an upscale and classic appearance to increasing its curb appeal and property value, there are many reasons to consider carriage garage doors for your home. 

What are Carriage Garage Doors? 

 Carriage house garage doors give the exterior of your home a mid-century modern look. Their versatile design is ideally suited for both rustic and contemporary homes. They are generally wider than conventional garage doors, making them a practical choice for families with larger vehicles. Carriage garage doors have a beautiful and distinctive design that consists of carved wood or wood alternative panels with wrought-iron accents. Most also have metal hinges. Some swing outwards in traditional fashion, while others have a contemporary roll-up design. 


 Carriage garage doors are generally thicker and heavier than many other kinds of garage doors. These physical characteristics make them better at insulating the garage than other types of materials. They also offer more protection against wind, rain, snow, and other elements. Carriage-style garage doors are also relatively heavy, which makes them safer in protecting against home break-ins. 


 When you buy garage doors, you naturally want to keep the overall cost in mind. As with other types of garage doors, pricing for carriage garage doors varies based on several factors, including: 

  • Materials
  • Insulation
  • Location

 Several different materials can be used to create carriage garage doors. Traditional doors are made of wood and have raised wood panels. You can also get carriage-style garage doors made of alternative wood material that is less expensive. Steel is one of the most affordable materials used for carriage garage doors. Wood composite, which resembles wood panels and provides some options for a personalized finish, is another possibility. Natural wood garage doors are ideal if you want custom garage doors, but they also cost the most. Pricing is also influenced by the type of insulation that you use and your location. When you buy garage doors, remember that heavier doors typically cost more to install. 

Style and Finish Options 

 Your style and finish options for carriage garage doors vary based on the kind of base material that you select, such as steel, composite, or natural wood. Garage doors made of some composite materials or natural wood have the greatest potential for a custom finish, including stain and color. You might also be able to customize the cladding, panels, and overlay as well. 

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