Garage Door Center Bearings

Garage door center bearing and spring

This is a torsion spring with a center bearing inside the stationary cone, seen at the end.

Garage Door Center Bearing Replacement

Does your garage door use a torsion spring to open and close? If so, it depends on a center bearing to ensure the even distribution of the door’s weight.

Over time, these bearings will undergo wear and tear and need to be replaced. Faulty bearings have the potential to put excess stress on other elements and negatively affect the way your foot operates.

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How Long Center Bearings Last

These bearings support and stabilize the door’s shaft, allowing it to move smoothly when opening and closing. They are built to be durable, usually made from materials like steel or nylon.

The longevity of center bearings depends on several factors like:

  • The quality of the parts
  • How well and often they’re maintained
  • Your environment and humidity levels

Center bearings wear out just like other parts of the garage door, especially if they handle heavy loads. On average, standard center bearings typically last for about 10,000 cycles. If you use your garage door twice per day, that’s around seven years.

Precision Garage Door technician repairing a garage door center bearing

Signs It’s Time for a Replacement

Besides regular wear and tear, center bearings can fail for several reasons, often due to added strain from other components. All garage door parts work together, so if another part breaks and stresses the springs, it can affect the center bearings too.

Here are some common reasons why center bearings may stop working properly:

1. They bear too much weight, leading to bending or breaking.
2. Improper installation of either the springs or the garage door itself, which can overload other components.
3. Lack of regular maintenance, resulting in corrosion or excessive rust over time.

When your center bearings need to be replaced, you’ll probably notice that your door has jerky, uneven movements and is difficult to open.

Not sure if the center bearings are the issue? We’re here to help! Our expert Precision technicians perform a thorough 25-point safety inspection before starting any work. They’ll identify the source of your garage door problems and offer repair options tailored to your home and budget.

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We Use

Precision center bearing

Precision uses a center bearing that utilizes bearings to help assist the entire torsion system to operate smoothly.

They Use

Other companies will use a center bearing that is made of plastic, with a plastic bushing, and only provides center support.

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