How to Choose the Best Cleaner for Keeping a White Garage Door Clean

What to Consider When Choosing Cleaner for a White Garage Door

In order to clean your garage door properly and safely, you will need to consider the type of material you are working with first. While material like metal or fiberglass can be hosed down and are more resilient, wood doors must be handled quite differently. If you are dealing with a wood surface, using a harsh cleaner or a strong hose can very well cause damage to your wood that might be irreparable.

Best Cleaner to Maintain a White Garage Door

Although you might be tempted to go in with a heavy-duty treatment simply because your door is white, this is not necessary and should be avoided. Using mild detergent with an oversized sponge is virtually the bulk of what your garage door maintenance routine should be. When it comes to stains that are difficult to remove with soap and water, you can use a little bleach on them, however, make sure you dilute the solution and only apply it where necessary.

Removing Rust the Old Fashioned Way

While there are lots of products you can use that will help you rid your garage door of rust, you may just have the solution you need right inside of your pantry. You can soak a cloth in vinegar and wipe away rust spots, while the use of a brillo pad can help you scrub away the more resistant portions. This may take a little elbow grease and some patience but it can be a good way to solve your problem quick and conveniently.

Get Into a Regular Routine

If you want to prevent stains, rust, et cetera from accumulating on your garage door, then you must get in the habit of cleaning it regularly. This is especially true when dealing with white garage doors as they are way less forgiving when it comes to dirt and stains. Keep these things in mind if you plan on scheduling a white garage door installation in Bristol, MA, as this color can be a little high-maintenance.