Keeping Your Garage Free of Bugs

Keep Bugs Out of Your Garage

Some of the garage door repairs South Beach residents often need may surprise you. It isn’t unheard of for bugs to nest in a garage door opener or chew their way through weatherproofing. This can be a real problem in winter just as it is in summer, and there are steps homeowners can take to reduce the chances of an insect invasion.

Maintain a Dry Garage

Insects are drawn to moisture especially during summer. If you have rainwater getting into the garage, then preventing that should be your first order of business. You’ll also want to avoid any standing water of your own doing, such as a car wash bucket you forgot about. A water heater installed in a garage can be a problem as well and additional steps may have to be taken to seal the area.

Seal the Garage

Sealing your garage is a good idea not just for bug prevention but for home energy efficiency. Consider having your garage professionally sealed and include the garage in a professional home energy audit that you schedule every several years or so. Seal items in your garage as well. Unsealed pet food, for instances, is a big no-no due to its bug-attracting potential.

Repair Any Cracks or Holes

Check all the walls in the garage, both inside and out. Almost any imperfection deserves your attention because most bugs don’t need much space at all to invade your garage. This can be done as part of the professional sealing of your garage, but it’s something homeowners should stay on top of as natural wear and tear occurs over time.

Pest Control

If you have your home treated, ensure that the garage interior is included. Not all companies will include this by default, so you may have to request it specifically. Over-the-counter pest control is an option as well, but the pros can safeguard against a more diverse range of pests.