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Do you ever wonder how loud is too loud when it comes to your automatic garage door? Perhaps you’ve just lived with your noisy garage door for years or maybe you’re noticing that the sounds are suddenly different or louder. Whatever your situation, it may be time to call Precision Door Service. We provide noisy garage door repair in Rhode Island and Bristol County, MA.

The first potential cause of a noisy garage door is simply its design. Some less expensive doors trade a lower price for a louder operation. Check out these different types of opening systems and see what the balance is between sound, functionality and cost.

  1. Chain Drive. As the least expensive option, the chain drive system is the most common door and the loudest. It can be a reasonable choice for a detached garage.
  2. Belt Drive. By replacing a chain with a belt, you increase your cost but significantly decrease your noise level.
  3. Screw Drive. This system is in between a chain and belt drive system in terms of noise, but contains fewer parts and therefore less maintenance.

Problematic Noise Makers

Some common reasons for noisy garage doors include:

  1. Opener problems. Although certain models of garage door openers are naturally louder, others may become louder when there is a problem with the motor.
  2. Roller damage. If your garage door rollers are bent, they will create more noise as they try to move along their tracks.
  3. Spring issues. Over time, the springs in your garage door may become rusted or worn down, which can cause additional noise when operating.
  4. Improper balance. In some cases, your garage door will be off balance and create a lot of noise as a result. This is an important issue to address because, over time, an imbalanced door can cause an automatic garage door to stop working.
  5. Loose hardware. Similar to any mechanical system, parts become loose and worn over time. Any one of many parts may need tightening, lubricating or maintaining to keep them running smoothly and quietly.

When you’re seeking noisy garage door repair in Providence, call Precision Door Service. Our expert professionals are available around the clock. They will arrive quickly and always prepared to tackle any garage door issue. After diagnosing the cause of the garage door noise, our technicians can provide suggestions, solutions and repairs to turn down the volume.

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Your garage’s noises are its way of telling you something needs to be fixed. Our technicians are trained to listen to you and your garage door, and determine if the problem arises from worn rollers, misalignment, the garage door opener, or somewhere else. Our qualified technicians will arrive at your house with a fully stocked truck, ensuring that after evaluating the possible causes of your loud garage door, it can be fixed correctly in one visit.

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All Precision technicians complete one of the industry’s most extensive training programs and are certified to handle repairs to your garage door. Because of this training, few garage door owners ever need to use our warranty. But, it is there and if you do need to use it, all labor and repaired parts on your door system are covered for as long as you own your door.

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