Reasons Your Garage Door Falls Off of the Tracks

One of the most common issues that many people encounter when it comes to using their garage door is when the feature falls off of the tracks. Once it is out of alignment or isn’t on the tracks, then it can be challenging to open and close, which can make it impossible to access the garage. Here are a few main reasons why the garage door can fall off of the tracks and how you can fix the problem.



Broken Rollers

The quality of the rollers determines how well they slide back and forth on the track when you open and close the garage door each day. Over time, the garage door rollers are prone to wearing down or becoming damaged, which can cause the door to fall off. Extra weight that is placed on the rollers can also lead to the horizontal rails breaking, which will require garage door repair in Providence.



A Broken Lift Cable

Lift cables are one of the main parts of garage doors and are located on both sides of the door. If there’s misalignment with the garage door, it can cause the cable to not be aligned correctly to the drum, which will cause the cable to break. Excess weight will then be placed on the other side of the door and for the rollers to come off of the track system.



You Hit the Garage Door

Many residents make the mistake of hitting the garage door with their car, whether they tap into it or have a major accident. Some people forget that the door is closed when they back up or fail to hit the brakes when pulling into the driveway. The door may hang off of the lift cables once the rollers come off of the track system, which requires the immediate attention of a technician to determine if the door can be repaired or if a new garage door should be installed.