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25-Point Safety Inspection

At Precision Garage Door of Providence, we care about the safety of our customers. Therefore, we to make sure that everyone’s garage door functions in a way that doesn’t put them in danger. In addition to performing detailed inspections of every garage door that we install and repair, we provide additional tips to our customers to help them keep their garage doors from becoming dangerous contraptions.

Garage Door Safety Tips
Here are a few things that you can do to make sure that your garage door is operating safely:
Perform a Visual Inspection – You should check your springs, pulleys, cables, rollers and other garage door components periodically for any signs of wear or other damage. A flashlight can be used to provide greater visibility when inspecting the parts. If you notice any problems, it’s best to call Precision Garage Door of Providence to address the situation instead of trying to repair or adjust moving parts yourself.
Take Extra Precautions with Children – Even the most perfectly functional garage doors can become dangerous if children try to operate them incorrectly. Garage doors aren’t toys, and any children who try to play a game of “beat the door” by seeing how many times they can move through the garage opening before the door closes could sustain serious injuries that require emergency medical attention. Children should also not be allowed to play with remote controls, transmitters or pushbutton wall controls, and these items should be kept out of reach from little kids.
Apply Lubrication – When performing your garage door inspection in Providence, you may notice that certain moving parts need lubrication. It’s advisable to check your owner’s manual to find out the specific type of lube that’s recommended, but using a silicone-based spray to lubricate parts works best in most cases.
Test the Door Balance – To test how well your garage door is balanced, make sure your door is closed before using the release mechanism on your garage door opener so that you can open the door manually. As you lift the door by hand, it should raise smoothly with little resistance. Any problems lifting your garage door manually could mean that your door is out of balance. One of the highly skilled technicians from Precision Garage Door of Providence can travel to your home to make any necessary adjustments.

Service from Certified Technicians
For a more detailed garage safety inspection in Providence, we have certified technicians on staff who know exactly what to look for when checking each garage door component. A 25-point safety inspection of your garage door can be performed to give you the most thorough service possible. If we uncover any problems, we’ll try to offer you the best deal possible on any parts repairs or replacements that may be required.

Areas We Serve
We want every garage door in Rhode Island and Bristol County, MA to function as safely as possible, and we’ve expanded our service area to include the following communities:

• Providence
• Smithfield
• North Kingstown
• Aquidneck Island
• Westerly
• Warwick/Cranston
• East Bay
• Taunton
• New Bedford
• Fall River
• Attleboro

Call Precision Garage Door of Providence day or night for service. Whether you need a garage door inspection in Providence or want to have new parts or a brand-new garage door installed, we have all the right products and tools to do the work with the utmost proficiency. When you contact us for service, ask about our warranty program that can give you additional assurance.

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Garage doors are an intricate part of your home that you often don’t give a second thought about. When they are functioning properly, they often simply get used as needed like so many modern conveniences in our homes today. However, these doors are heavy and have the potential to be a safety hazard if they are not maintained and inspected occasionally.

Our Lifetime Warranty

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All Precision technicians complete one of the industry’s most extensive training programs and are certified to handle repairs to your garage door. Because of this training, few garage door owners ever need to use our warranty. But, it is there and if you do need to use it, all labor and repaired parts on your door system are covered for as long as you own your door.

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Precision Garage Door Service of Providence is proud to be your trusted source for garage door repair in Rhode Island and Bristol County, MA.


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