Steel Gauges: The Pros and Cons of Installing Them on Your Garage Door

Garage Door Steel Gauges: Pros and Cons

If you’re moving into a brand-new home without a garage door or if your existing door simply needs to be replaced, the choice of installing of steel gauges or another type is going to come up. Understandably, many people gravitate toward steel doors because the material is durable, but is the hype around it real? Read on to learn some of the pros and cons surrounding the installation of steel gauges.

Pros of Steel Gauges

Maintenance is a big issue for homeowners to have in their pros column. One of the most common reasons why homeowners tend to go with steel gauges is due to their durability, specifically in regard to their corrosion-resistant coating. This coating prevents rust from building up, and it is strong enough to withstand small dings. This means having years upon years of not needing to replace or even clean it. There’s also a hidden benefit to them. Ask any Providence garage door installation company, and it will tell you that steel is a great material to gain extra insulation for your home.

Cons of Steel Gauges

Although toughness is seen by many as a benefit, others may see it as a negative. The reason behind this is because although large gauges are great for long-term use and really taking a beating, they are much more difficult to repair and remove. However, using smaller ones will remove the benefit of durability altogether, and thus this is a tough call to make for many homeowners. Finally, steel will attract rust, and although it does have a protective coating, it does not last forever; thus, you will have to eventually bring in someone to recoat the steel.