The Different Types of Garage Doors and What Their Cores Are Made Of

Types of Garage Doors and Cores

A garage door is usually the exterior focal point of most homes. But maybe your garage door is the wrong type of focal point: old, outdated, and chipped. If you’ve been thinking about a garage door upgrade, then you have a lot of choices for different types and styles of garage doors. So many choices, in fact, that’s it’s often hard to know what type of garage door is perfect for your home. To help give your home the amazing focal point it deserves, we’ve put together this guide about the different types of garage doors, including their core elements.

Wood Garage Doors and Their Cores

Wood garage doors are a great choice for those who like a traditional style. These garage doors can be made out of several types of woods, including fir, redwood, and cedar. While there are some solid wood options, many wooden garage doors feature a steel core with wood overlay. This makes them a lot lighter than solid wood garage doors, easier to service, and less expensive. If you choose a wood garage door, then be aware that they do need a little upkeep. Normally, you need to paint or refinish them every couple of years. Additionally, hot, humid, and sunny climates can cause damage to the wood.

Steel Garage Doors

Another option is a steel garage. These are a very common and popular choice due to the fact that they are incredibly durable and perfect for all kinds of climates. Steel garage doors are, yes, made out of steel, but they can contain a polystyrene or polyurethane core for extra soundproofing and insulation. The other great thing about steel is that it can be painted whatever color you want so that you can match the color and style of your house perfectly. With a steel garage door, you won’t need garage door repair in Providence very often, as these types of doors are long lasting and resistant to damage.