The Importance of Protecting Your Garage Door from Snow and Ice

How to Protect Your Garage Door from Snow

Winter brings about freezing temperatures, snow, sleet and ice. The best thing you can do to keep your garage and everything inside it safe is to keep protection in mind. Here are some tips for protecting the structure against the elements.

Always Clear Snow Before Closing

If snow has accumulated on your garage door while it is open, you must clear it away before closing it again. This is one of the most basic garage door protection measures you can take. If you fail to clean it away, the door will not fully close. Additionally, the weight of the snow can damage the door’s normal functioning and require Rhode Island garage door repair.

Avoid Piling Snow

When it snows and you shovel around the garage, you should avoid piling it up against the garage door. This can result in not only blocking the door from opening but can even bring about debris like leaves and branches that can cause additional damage to your garage door as it begins to melt. If damage is done, your garage door may lose its efficiency or even be completely damaged.

Remove Ice

Ice can really wreak havoc on your garage door. If it forms on the threshold, the opening mechanism has to work twice as hard in order to open or close. This can damage the alignment of the door or even the garage door opener itself. The best garage door protection you can perform is to clear away any ice accumulation before opening or closing your garage door.

Consider a Weather-Resistant Door

Snow-proofing garage doors isn’t always possible, especially if you have an older system. However, you can always upgrade to a weather-resistant door that is built to withstand the effects of snow, ice and freezing temperatures.

Snow can cause significant damage to your garage door. When you are smart and take care of these things, you can retain your garage door’s condition.