What are the Five Hottest Garage Door Colors for 2020?

The New Year will be here as soon as you know it. If you are looking to make a change to complement your home, you should consider the color of your garage door. One of the current color trends is to match the hues of your garage door and the front door of your house. Here are the top five garage door colors for 2020.


White is always a popular color for doors, in general. It can make your garage door stand out in brilliant contrast to the rest of the garage. It is a crisp choice that can add plenty of curb appeal and add considerable value to your property. Of course, keep in mind that white can more easily show stains from dirt and debris.

Light Gray

Light gray is among one of the most popular color trends for garage doors heading into 2020. It is darker than white but has a soft appeal that can help you to add a unique flair to the overall look of your garage. This is one of the best color choices if you have an exterior that is lighter than the doors themselves.

Dark Gray

Dark gray certainly makes a statement in terms of garage door color trends for the New Year. It can help your property to stand out more and is a popular choice if you prefer a darker hue. It looks great against a white, beige or lighter gray backdrop.


Black is obviously a daring color choice for your garage door. You will want to ensure that the rest of your garage stands out in stark comparison in a lighter color or even a bright one. For example, sky blue and even red go great with black.


Red is a lot more daring for your garage door, but it’s beautiful and can make a definite statement. It also goes well with many light exterior colors, even white.

These are some of the hottest color trends for garage doors for 2020. If you’re already getting garage door repair in Providence, you may want to ask to add a new color to your service.