What to Look for in a Remote for Your Garage Door Opener

Pairing a New Remote With Your Garage Door Opener

While the most important aspects of a garage door are the door itself and the door opener, you should think about pairing a new remote with the garage door opener to make sure that you always have easy access to your garage. When you begin shopping for a new remote, there are several types of features that you should be on the lookout for.

Consider A Universal Remote for Your Door Opener

If your door opener isn’t new, it’s likely that you have an older door opener that isn’t as feature-rich as some of the ones that you can select today. One great feature that you might want to consider is the ability for the remote to pair with any door opener brand. Some remotes are designed to have a universal design, which means that they are compatible with the majority of the top brands.

Think About Range and Security Features

Some remotes will have better range than others. If you want to start opening your door before your vehicle has reached it, consider selecting a remote that comes with a long range. It’s possible for the range of a door opener remote to extend as far as 800 feet. You should also look for ones that come with rolling code technology, which is a kind of security feature that makes it difficult for someone else to clone the transmission that your remote sends out when it opens the door.

Select One That’s Compatible With Smart Technology

Certain remotes are equipped with smart technology that allows them to be used from anywhere when paired with a smartphone. Once you have paired the remote with your opener and your smartphone, you can open and close the garage door from your smartphone even if you’re a hundred miles from home. If the door opener itself has become old and worn down, you could replace it with a new one that comes with a feature-rich remote. Make sure that the opener is installed by a company that offers garage door installation in Bristol MA.