Which Lightbulbs Should You Use on Your Next Garage Door Installation?

How to Select the Perfect Lightbulb for Your Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation involves much more than just slapping a slab of metal up on the front of your home. If you’re the type of person who loves garage hobbies, the impact of your lightbulbs can be truly astounding.

With the right lighting, your garage will spring to life. Compared to generic bulbs, such a small difference genuinely transforms the environment.

Why Does Lightbulb Selection Matter for a Garage Door Installation?

Although it may not seem as if it were significant, the quality of light within your garage may determine how much you use it. Suppose you’ve got a project that you would like to complete.

However, in your garage currently, the lighting makes it difficult to pick up on the finer details. Thus, you seek better worksites consistently.

Besides, had the lighting been better, you would’ve been just as comfortable working from home. If that doesn’t seem like a major difference, we don’t know what would be.

How Do You Plan on Using Your Garage?

Of course, not everyone uses a workbench in their garage. Still, that doesn’t mean good alighting won’t be useful. Are you planning on using your garage for storage? If so, then it might be helpful to see things.

For Many Hobbies, Quality Lighting Enhances the Experience

Unless you’ve experienced a well-lit garage, you may not even realize how much use it could provide. Once you’ve seen it, you might wind up completing many of your hobbies there.

Factors You Should Consider While Making a Decision about Garage Door Installation

Now, let’s talk about the fundamentals. When it comes to light bulbs, you’ve got a few factors to keep in mind. Each of them will impact the final outcome in a different, subtle way.

If you’d like to have optimal outcomes, we suggest experimenting as long as that’s possible. That way, from the first-hand experience, you can learn how these factors interact.

  • Lightbulb Length: As garages elongate, longer light bulbs will provide sufficient lighting. Unless you have a massive garage, you shouldn’t need anything much longer than 8 feet at most.
  • Type of Lighting: Today, many technologies light the homes of our neighborhoods. Some of them are more efficient than others. Plus, they differ in several other more nuanced manners as well.
  • Light Temperature: Perhaps, you would like to use your garage as a space to relax. If that happens to be the case, then a warmer light would be best. On the other hand, for utility, cooler tones tend to work better.
  • Electronic Ballasts: Compared to electromagnetic ballasts, these operate in the cold more reliably. Especially when you live up north, these can be super helpful.
  • Color Rendering Index: How much does color accuracy matter to you? As it increases in importance, you’ll want to shift more of your focus to the CRI. This index determines how accurate colors render under the lights.

Different Types of Light Bulbs

  • Clamp Lights: With these, you can get light up close while working at a desk. Simply clamp them onto it, and turn it on. When you work at a desk in the garage, one of these becomes indispensable. Without one, it’s difficult to work at all.
  • Task Lights: These tend to be the ones hanging overhead. Generally, they will be longer in length and cooler in tone. Most of the time, people prefer products of this type for practical purposes.
  • Utility Lights: If you want to get fancy, you can install lighting strips. That way, lights will line the room from all around. With such an installation, you’ll have an even distribution of light throughout.

How Does a Lightbulb Choice Impact Your Garage Door Installation?

Depending on the technology, your lights function in a variety of manners. Some of them are more suitable for certain purposes than others. Below, we’ve got a summary of the most common types you will encounter.

Lighting Tech Types:

  • Fluorescent: Above all, these appear to be the most common in North America. For a long time, they have lit the garages from coast-to-coast. You’ll instantly recognize the tube shape of their bulbs. Inside of them, mercury vapor is ionized to produce light. Thus, you can find them in a variety of colors.
  • CFL: These are similar to the previous ones. However, they are much smaller. Plus, they tend to drain far less electricity than most of the others on this list. Finally, they have among the longest-lasting lifespans of all lightbulbs.
  • Halogen: While these are more efficient than standard bulbs, they aren’t as efficient as CFLs. On the other hand, they produce some of the brightest light in the industry. Therefore, if you have a hobby based in the garage, they might be the perfect pick.
  • LED: Undoubtedly, these are the most efficient bulbs around. With them, you could reduce your lighting expenses by up to 90%. On top of that, they won’t warm up even after being on for a long time.

Keep an eye out on each bulb’s color rendering index. For hobbies that interact with colors, this will be of the utmost importance. Unless it is above 85, you may not see enough detail for the lightbulbs to be worthwhile.