A Comprehensive Guide on Garage Door Styles in Rhode Island

Garage Door Styles for Your Classic Rhode Island Home

You want to make sure that all components in your home complement each other. While the garage door sounds like an insignificant part of the process, it plays a significant role in your home’s aesthetic. The good thing is that residential garage doors come in a wide range of styles. To choose the best style, you might consider the design of your home, as well as your taste and preferences.

Common Style Categories

There are hundreds of variations of styles that you can choose from. Nevertheless, here are some of the common garage door design schemes you might consider.

Raised-Panel Doors

The raised-panel style is quite common and goes well with both traditional and contemporary homes. Typically, raised-panel doors have a set of symmetrical panels that are slightly raised.

You can find raised-panel garage doors in Rhode Island in all materials, such as wood, steel, and fiberglass, being a trendy style.

Carriage Doors

Carriage garage doors complement a variety of house styles. As the name suggests, the doors almost resemble doors found on old carriage houses. That notwithstanding, they blend quite perfectly with contemporary house styles too. While traditional carriage doors would swing open from the center, some modern models fold open.

Traditional Style Garage Doors

The traditional garage door is one of those garage door style schemes that never get outdated. The style is designed to go well with American architectures that have been around for a while, such as Cape Cods and Colonials. However, their classic yet subtle panels make the style appealing to almost every home type.

Contemporary Garage Door Styles

The contemporary garage style is sophisticated and bold, ideal for modern homes. Note that there is no “standard” contemporary style, which the beauty of it. There is so much room for creativity as you can customize the door to meet your specific needs.

You can revamp your home’s outlook with a garage door that matches the overall style of your home. Showcase your personality through the right garage door style.