A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Sure Your Wooden Garage Door Is Well Polished


If you own a wooden garage door then you know how easily their color can begin to fade. To keep up its appearance you are going to need to polish it from time to time. The following includes a step by step guide to accomplishing this maintenance task.

Polishing Your Wooden Garage Door

If your old wooden garage door isn’t looking its best, then it might be time for a polish job. The reality is that the curb appeal of a home is especially important if you wish to keep your property value up. Polishing perhaps the largest feature of your property is the best route to go. However, you might be wondering how to accomplish this exactly. Read on to learn the step by step procedure to polishing your garage door.

First Remove Dirt From Your Wooden Garage Door

Before anything else, you should first take the time to make sure that your wood garage door is as clean as possible. Because of the color of wood, it can be difficult to determine how much dirt and grime has really built up over the years. For this step, you should use a mixture of water and vinegar to wipe down the surface. Once the surface is cleaned you may then leave it to naturally dry for a few hours to a day if you like. Note that if you wish to fix any issues with your door, now is the time to contact a company that specializes in garage door installations in Providence as your door can become dirtier after a repair.

The Solution

In terms of cleaning solutions, you do have two options. One includes the use of commercial wood polish and the other is beeswax polish. Although commercial wood polish is fine to use it does come with a few negatives. These include the harm they cause to the environment as well as to your health and finally the price. Commercial wood polish can get a little on the expensive side. Using a natural solution, such as beeswax polish, is perhaps the best route to go.

Applying the Solution

Using a soft cloth, you may now begin to add your chosen solution to the garage door. Make sure that every corner is covered as well as any nook and crannies. If you are using beeswax, you should wait until the wax has hardened to begin wiping it down with another soft cloth.