An Informative Guide to the Pros and Cons of Aluminum Garage Doors

Things to Consider When Purchasing an Aluminum Garage Door

There are three important factors to consider when deciding which garage door type is best for you: climate, cost and size. Aluminum garage doors are versatile, but they’re not always the best choice. Here’s a brief overview of each factor.


Aluminum garage doors are ideal for homeowners who live on the coast or other humid areas. Aluminum doesn’t rust, so it’s able to stand up to wet and/or corrosive environments. It can provide excellent insulation without sacrificing curb appeal.


Garage door advantages and disadvantages vary, but cost is always near the top of the list when making a choice. Aluminum is more expensive than some other materials, but it’s lightweight, which is a big pro. It’s less durable than steel but stronger than vinyl or plastic. If your garage door experience damage like a dent or bent panel, it’s easy to find garage door repair in Providence.

Size of Aluminum Garage Doors

If your garage space is large, you might need multiple doors. If you need a single entry bay, aluminum is a prime option given that it’s one of the lighter materials at your disposal. As stated above though, it does come at a premium.

You’re now hopefully a bit more knowledgeable about the benefits and drawbacks of aluminum garage doors. It’s only one of many options you have, and sometimes it’s the best. Make an informed and educated decision and you can’t go wrong!