Be Sure to Have a Mouse-Proof Garage to Keep Your Belongings Safe

Mouseproof These Things When Storing in a Garage

When the seasons change, mice, rats, and other undesirable pests like to make their way into our homes and garages. For a mouse-proof garage, you need to think creatively for a moment. Not only should you seal cracks and keep your garage neat and tidy, but you should also seal or get rid of substances that act as a lure for these creatures. Read on and discover for yourself three things that might lead to an infestation if they’re not taken care of.

Trashcans Are a Pest’s Best Friend

For a mouse-proof garage, it’s a must to get rid of any trashcans, open or not. Store your trash in a large can, in sealed bags, and take it off the property as often as possible. By leaving a trash can in your garage, you are essentially leaving a feast for a whole hoard of hungry rodents. If you do decide to leave the can inside, it might be a good idea to sprinkle some rodent poison into the bag.

Other Sources of Food Will Beckon Them

A winter-ready garage will have all potential sources of food secured and sealed. This includes grass seed, birdseed, and any kind of pet food that you may have on hand. Keep them in thick plastic storage containers that can lock.

A Mouse-Proof Garage Doesn’t Keep Firewood Inside

Lastly, firewood is a big no-no when it comes to keeping critters out of the garage. It’s a good practice to store your firewood as far away from the house and garage as possible. Doing this, along with repairing any structural damage to the garage, can make a big difference in the rodent population. If you need a Rhode Island garage door repair, hire a trusted professional to keep you infestation-free this season.