Best Materials for Custom Garage Doors in 2021

Custom garage doors are an excellent choice for updating your home’s appearance and adding to its value. If you’re thinking of getting new garage doors for your home, there are many considerations to keep in mind to ensure the best fit, including deciding what materials you want. From wood to aluminum, the materials you select for your garage doors determine their price, maintenance, appearance, and more. 


 Wood garage doors are an appealing choice for many homeowners with both contemporary and older homes. Wood garage doors are valued for their beautiful, ornate design and their durability. Wooden garage doors are generally among the heaviest garage doors that you can get, making them ideal for insulating and protecting your garage from foul weather and the elements. There are many options available for customizing wooden garage doors as well. If you choose wooden garage doors, keep in mind that they might need more frequent refinishing than other materials. Wood garage doors are ideal for moderate climates and places with generally dry air since they can become warped or shrink when exposed to excessive amounts of rain and humidity, especially without a finish. 


 One of the main appeals of using fiberglass for your garage doors is that it is easy to customize and design. Fiberglass is also commonly used as an alternative to other types of door materials, including wood. Fiberglass is a lighter-weight choice of material for garage doors, which means it may not be the best option for cold environments or locations with extreme weather. However, fiberglass is a top choice in coastal climates for its ability to withstand moisture and resist warping or shrinking. A word of caution if you use fiberglass is that it can turn a yellow color over time and is more prone to breaking in colder temperatures. 


 If you want custom garage doors that look attractive, are durable, and cost less than other types of garage door materials, steel is a good choice. Steel doors can be customized in many ways to give you the look that you want for your home and garage. Because of its versatility, steel is used as an alternative for other garage door materials, such as wood. Steel is a reasonably durable material to start with, but you can a layer of foam insulation to your steel garage doors to make them even sturdier, and further protect your garage from the cold. Another reason to consider steel doors is that they require less maintenance than some types of garage door materials. On the downside, steel garage doors can rust more easily, and they are subject to corrosion if the material you use is not galvanized steel finished with prime and paint. 

Aluminum and Glass 

 Aluminum and glass garage doors are a top choice for those who want garage doors with minimal maintenance and a contemporary design. Aluminum and glass doors can be finished with several protective coat finishes, including powder or an anodized coat. Aluminum and glass doors have a versatile color to start with, which means they look nice when finished with a range of paint colors. Along with the aluminum, you can also customize the appearance of the glass on your garage doors, which can be used with either solid panels or inserted as mixed-size inserts to give your garage doors a more dimensional appearance. Aluminum and glass garage doors are well-suited for holding up in humid environments, which means they’re a good choice for coastal locations. 


 Garage doors made out of vinyl are generally light-weight and easy to maintain. They are a top choice for homeowners who want to save some money on their garage doors, as they are less expensive than other types of garage door materials. Vinyl garage doors are well-suited for moderate temperatures. Because they are resistant to cracks and corrosion, they are also a smart choice if you live in a humid environment. Vinyl garage doors have a versatile build and appearance that makes them a popular substitute for wooden garage doors. They are sometimes combined with other materials such as steel to make them stronger and last longer. If you consider vinyl doors, note that their color can fade if they are exposed to UV rays. Darker-colored doors will hold up better against frequent UV light. 

Choosing a Style 

 Along with selecting the material, you’ll want to figure out what style of garage doors you want. Along with the traditional roll-up design, you can also get garage doors that slide to the side, swing up, or swing out, called a carriage house style. 

 With many fantastic options available, you will want an expert’s help to choose and install your next custom garage doors. Don’t hesitate to contact Precision Door Providence online or by calling (401) 320-4843 today for assistance with your quality overhead doors RI.