Beware of Ice on Garage Doors: Types of Cold Weather Damage

Ice on Garage Doors Can Spell Trouble in Winter Months

The beauty of a snowfall is an anticipated sight when the weather begins to hit the freezing mark. But when that winter precipitation begins to accumulate in the form of ice on garage doors, you could be in for some unexpected garage door damage. From the experts in garage door repair in Providence, here are just a few things to keep an eye on when the cold blows in.

Garage Door Frames and Springs Can Fall Prey to the Icy Conditions

The people inside your home are not the only ones who feel the chill. Your garage door parts and mechanisms can also be affected adversely by those super low temps. With snowy and icy conditions all around, frame contraction can become an issue for both metal and wood frames and springs may also become susceptible. You may also find problems with the rubber or vinyl components of your door as the cold can cause hardening or cracking.

Ice on Garage Doors May Overexert and Damage the Motor

If you have ever awakened one cold morning to find that your garage door is completely frozen shut, you are not alone. This is a common problem for homeowners in colder climates as temperatures plunge and water that has pooled at the bottom of the garage door freezes solid overnight. When this happens, the garage door motor is required to work overtime to break through the ice to move the door. Often, this can result in damaging strain and potentially catastrophic problems for the motor mechanism.

Ways to Weather the Winter and Prevent Ice Damage

To prevent ice damage to your home garage door, the key is always a preemptive strike. If your weather stripping around the garage door is stripped out, replace it before the cold weather hits. Check daily to ensure no water is pooling near where the door meets the driveway and consider adding road or table salt to that area while the temps are low. Remove any ice or snow that has accumulated around the door. Perhaps even consider investing in a garage heater that will help keep the garage temperature high enough to discourage ice accumulation. In the end, the remedy to the problem of ice on garage doors is to simply stay vigilant and tend the area often.