Brighten Your Rhode Island Home with a Brand New Garage Door

Factors to Consider When Selecting a New Garage Door

The material and design of a brand new garage door will depend on its location. A professional Rhode Island garage door repair service can give advice based on the type of weather in your part of Rhode Island.

Choose the Right Material

New garage doors are made from wood, aluminum, steel and vinyl. Wood is considered the most attractive, but it may not last if your door faces direct sunlight for hours every day during the summer and receives a lot of rain and snow in the winter. A steel door is the heaviest but is also the strongest and will withstand extreme weather for years.

If you live in Rhode Island on the coast, the salty atmosphere may play havoc with wood and may cause rust on a steel door. Vinyl may be your best option.

If your new door is painted, direct sunlight will fade the color and may require a new paint job every year.

Finally, check the age of your motor if you have an automatic garage door. If it is 10 – 12 years old, you should get a new motor along with your new door.

Choose the Right Style

The style of your garage door should blend and enhance the appearance of your home. After all, it is one of the most prominent features. If you have a contemporary-style home, you may prefer simple lines and neutral colors with no windows. If you have a ranch-style home, you can go for wood, but remember it takes the most upkeep to continue to look good.

Many people choose to match the color and material of their door with their front door and window shutters if they have them. This provides harmony and attractive curb appeal.

Increase the Value of Your Home With a New Garage Door

An attractive, safe and smoothly functioning garage door may give you a good return on your investment because it will increase the resale value of your home. Whether you plan to stay in your home or sell it, a high-quality, attractive door will last for years.