Carriage Style Garage Doors and the Many Advantages

Add Value to your Home With Carriage Doors

The garage door you choose will greatly impact your ability to resell the house in the future. It will also determine the ways in which you can utilize your garage space. And the right door will minimize your need for a garage door repair in Providence.

Add Value to Your Home

A carriage style garage door adds an element of sophistication to any home. This adds to the curb appeal of the home and it can even affect the resale value of your home by up to 4 percent simply by choosing this type of barn door garage rather than a more traditional garage door. It is an easy way to provide your home with a more modern upgrade that buyers desire.

More Usable Space

Because carriage doors swing open into the driveway rather than placing overhead tracks into the rafters of the garage, you have more space to use. By eliminating the overhead tracks, you can get the most out of your garage which includes storage in the rafters, storing tall items, using the garage for playing games or practicing sports and much more.

So Many Options With Carriage Garage Doors

These doors have a wide array of designs and materials from which to choose. You can select a door with windows that are both big, small or none at all. You can choose from different materials, including wood and steel. These garage doors are known to be secure, low maintenance and ideal for four-season environments. And these barn door style garage doors allow you to choose the ideal finish, such as painted or stained.