Choose the Best Time to Repair or Replace a Damaged Garage Door

What Time of Year Is Best to Replace a Garage Door?

In Rhode Island, the best time of year to replace your garage door is during clement weather. That could be any time during the spring, summer or fall. Winter is not a good time to remove and replace a garage door. If you need garage doors in Rhode Island repaired or replaced, spring is your best choice.

Spring is also a good time to clean out your garage, so you have a refreshed garage as well as a new door. You may send your car to have the wheels aligned or other services that usually happens after winter and use the time to have a new door installed.

Replace It Before It Stops Working

If you have a choice, spring is a good time because it’s a comfortable time for contractors to work. The work will go quicker if it is not interrupted by storms. Winter can be hard on garage doors with the change in temperature from the inside and outside, and it’s the most common time the motors, springs and other components break down.

Many people don’t think about the condition of their garage door until it stops working. Once it breaks, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you need to get it fixed quickly. If it stops working when you are on your way to work, you will be leaving your house exposed to burglars. They are always looking for crooked or broken-looking doors. This is why regular checkups by professionals can save you time and money.

For the safety of your family and possessions, your garage door needs to work properly throughout the year. If you need to replace it, try to do it when the Rhode Island weather is clement. Spring is usually considered the best time to replace a garage door.