Common Reasons Your Garage Door Falls Off the Tracks

Common Causes of a Garage Door Falling Off the Tracks

Garage doors are designed to operate efficiently and without any issues, but the parts can still wear done or malfunction. Many homeowners often have to deal with the garage door falling off of its track, which can make it challenging to use and can compromise the level of security on the property. Here are a few of the most common causes of a garage door falling off its tracks.

The Tracks Bend

When the horizontal tracks bend and aren’t completely straight due to the weight of the garage door, it can cause the door to fall off. The tracks must be sturdy and strong enough to hold the weight of the garage door, which should be 225 to 400 pounds, depending on the type of product installed and the materials used. The tracks may also not be parallel or aligned with the vertical rails due to bolts that have become loose.

Damaged Lift Cables

Damaged lift cables are another common cause of garage doors falling off of their tracks when they’ve become damaged or are worn down due to their age. Located on each side of the door, the lift cables are prone to breaking when the door becomes misaligned, and the cable unravels and breaks. Once the cable breaks, all of the door’s weight will shift to one side and will fall off the tracks.

You’ve Hit the Garage Door

Many people make the mistake of driving their car into the garage door or backing into it as they attempt to get in or out of the garage with their vehicle. The bottom part of the garage door is prone to becoming damaged when this occurs, which makes rollers come off of the tracks. Once the rollers fall off, the garage door will begin to hang and will require garage door repair in Rhode Island with the help of a professional technician.