Contemporary Garage Doors to Install to Modernize Your Home

Modernizing Your Home with a Contemporary Garage Door

The garage door that is installed on your house is one of the most prominent features on your exterior property that determines your home’s curb appeal. It may be time to update the property and allow it to look new again with a new door that is installed. Here are a few ways of modernizing your home with a contemporary garage door.

Insulated Steel Garage Doors

Insulated steel garage doors are built with a triple layer of steel-polyurethane-steel for added durability and thermal efficiency. The durability of the product is a benefit because it can reduce the risk of garage door repair in Providence that may be needed over time. Many different designs and color shades are available when selecting a steel material, which features a smooth exterior with minimal lines or features present. The windows that are included on the door are often slim and are placed both horizontally and vertically on the garage door. Some of the top color shades available include white, almond, sandstone, and desert tan.

Test the Safety Reversal Feature

One of the main features built into your door is the reversal feature, which is responsible for detecting if objects or people are in its pathway. Motion sensors are used to spot the items, which causes the garage door to stop closing. If the test reveals that the safety feature isn’t working correctly, modify how it operates by finding the button on the panel of the garage door.

Carriage Garage Doors

Garage doors that have a carriage style are increasing in popularity among homeowners who enjoy a rustic or farmhouse look on their property. The feature offers classic charm and will add extra character to the exterior of the house with both durable steel and wood materials used. Many of the new garage doors include decorative hardware on the exterior and classic windows. Added insulation helps to improve the energy efficiency in the home for added savings each season.