Custom Garage Door Trends in 2021

Custom garage doors can give your home a classier appearance. They can also increase its value, boost its curb appeal, and provide better insulation against bad weather. If you’re looking at new garage doors, consider these top trends for 2021. 


 No matter what kind of home you own, adding windows to garage doors is a top trend in 2021. Using lighter-colored windows in your garage doors gives them a lighter look and brightens your home. Adding darker glass windows to the garage doors gives you more privacy and protects your garage from sun exposure. 


 Statement doors are another popular style of garage doors with universal appeal. The options are nearly infinite for these custom garage doors. You can mix and match a range of colors and materials, but choosing modern steel doors decorated with column-style window panels gives any home an especially dramatic and elegant look. 


 Aside from style, convenience is important for garage doors in 2021. Connecting your garage doors to a WiFi opener can make life much easier. It can also increase your home’s value and appeal if you are looking to sell. Many WiFi openers for overhead garage doors can even connect wirelessly to your other smart home systems. 

Choosing Garage Doors by Home Type 

 Along with general trends, there are also some beautiful and unique garage door styles to watch for in 2021 specific to certain types of homes.


 Ranch homes are among the most common and popular housing styles in the US. Ranch-style homes with a modest facade look nice with a classic garage door design. You can add custom windows for a more visually intriguing appearance. 


 Contemporary homes have a modern design that emphasizes natural light and asymmetrical designs. Bold garage door styles are a perfect match for contemporary homes, which include unique materials and patterns. Aluminum doors will give a contemporary home a striking appearance, especially those heavily accented with glass. 

Modern Farmhouse and Colonial 

 If you’re wondering what custom garage doors to get for your modern farmhouse or colonial home, carriage house doors are a great option. They have a timeless appeal while still capturing the historical appeal of both housing styles. Carriage house doors are also sturdy and provide exceptional insulation. 


 Craftsman-style homes have a versatile design that lends themselves well to many garage door styles and materials. Wood garage doors with raised or flat panel designs are both excellent options, along with aluminum. 

Top Colors 

 Along with styles, there are specific colors you can choose for your garage doors in 2021 as well. 

  • White
  • Rust
  • Light Gray
  • Sage
  • Black

 White is a classic, versatile, and eye-catching color. Rust-colored doors give your home a classical appearance and add a unique pop of color. Light gray doors have a bit more color depth than white. They look especially attractive on homes with lighter exteriors. Sage green gives your home an earthy look, while black doors add a distinctive contrast. 

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