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Custom Garage Doors

Custom garage doors are perfect if you want to add signature style to your home. Even though these types of doors generally require more maintenance, they can be manufactured to meet your specific size, style, design, and color preferences.

Custom Garage Door Materials

With custom wood garage doors, you have the option to choose non-standard or unconventional wood types such as mahogany, cedar, or hemlock. You can also select any standard material like steel, aluminum, vinyl, or wood composite.

Additional Insulation

If you’re in an area with extremely hot or cold temperatures, want to soundproof your garage, or are just really passionate about not heating or cooling the outdoors, custom garage doors can give you additional options for insulation.

Garage Door Removal & Disposal

When we replace your garage door, we won’t leave your old one lying around for you to worry about. We’ll haul it away from your property when we deliver and install your new door.

Free Installation

Precision Garage Door of Providence offers free garage door installation with all new garage doors purchased from our company. You buy it, and we’ll deliver and install it with no extra hassle for you.

Lifetime Warranty

When you invest in a custom garage door, you want to know it’ll withstand the test of time (even if it needs a little help here and there). All of our new garage doors come with our industry-leading lifetime warranty. If you get multiple new doors, all of them are covered!

We’ll make sure that your garage door continues to operate safely for as long as you own the home. This warranty specifically covers defects in materials or workmanship, including new and rebuilt parts installations along with repair service labor.

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