Deciding If a Side-Sliding Door Is Worth Garage Door Repair in Taunton

Side-sliding Garage Doors: Overview from Garage Door Repair Taunton Professionals

When you need garage door repair in Tauton, you might question if another style of garage would be a better fit. Although traditional garages open vertically, homeowners have experimented with side sliding doors. While the benefits may not be immediately obvious, there are some real pluses to their use for your home in Taunton.

Choosing the Right Design for Your Garage Door Repair in Taunton

Besides, how much could your garage door design impact your experience, really? Well, you’d be surprised at just how significant the difference can be. Still, it’s not a perfect fit for everyone. Thus, we recommend asking yourself the following questions. Depending on their answers, you’ll know which direction to embark on.

How Large Is Your Garage?

More precisely, what are the dimensions of your garage? Suppose you had a garage that was wider than it was long. If that happened to be the case, then you would be better off using a horizontal garage mechanism.

How Do You Intend on Using the Space?

Are you going to need every inch of vertical clearance in your garage? If so, then the answer is clearly a side sliding door. With traditional garage doors, they occupy a noticeable amount of space up near the roof. Therefore, you will have less to play around with when you are using the garage.

Why Use a Sliding Garage Door?

Okay, at this point, you should’ve thought about how you envision the garage will be used. Next, we’ll look closer at how a side sliding door could benefit you in comparison to our traditional options.

Of course, everyone’s circumstances differ. Thus, some of these may pertain to your situation more than others.

Commonly Found in Agricultural Settings

Above all, side-sliding doors are used for industrial applications. Since industrial equipment is large, side-sliding doors let them move more easily.

Now, You Can Have One at Home

Perhaps, you’d enjoy a few extra inches of vertical clearance at home. If you could use the space, then there’s no reason not to transition garage door styles. Otherwise, that space will only be used by your garage door motor.

Above All, It Opens up Vertical Clearance Space

Suppose you drive a vehicle on lifted wheels. Sometimes, in these circumstances, the vehicle may be so far off the ground it hits the garage. When you drive it inside, you better watch out if that is the case.

However, by switching to a side sliding door, you might fit the vehicle in there.

Easy to Open With or Without a Motor

When was the last time you experienced a power outage? On some occasions, these are unavoidable. Nevertheless, with a traditional garage door, you’ll be hard-pressed to get that sucker open. Unless you’ve got some impressive strength, it won’t be going anywhere.

On the other hand, let’s say that you had a side sliding door. Then, as long as you could unlock it, pushing it open would be a breeze. Since the garage sits on horizontal tracks, there is hardly any friction when it is unlocked.

Thus, opening your garage is relatively straightforward, even without a functioning motor. That way, you never get stuck on the other side of the door unwillingly. If you had to ask us, that sounds like a pretty sweet benefit.

Lower Maintenance Requirements

Let’s assume that a traditional garage motor requires service every couple of years. When the motor for a side sliding door operates, it exerts less energy. Therefore, fewer components break down over a given period of time.

Thus, with a side sliding door, you’ll have fewer maintenance requirements. Plus, it should continue functioning for far longer than a traditional garage door.

Potential Drawbacks of a Sliding Garage Door

Of course, you’ll have to accept a few potential disadvantages to make the switch. As long as you can cope with the following, then it may be a worthwhile swap. However, it would be best if you were to carefully consider the following factors. At the very least, it will help ensure you are fully informed.

Customized Installations Could Be Expensive

First and foremost, the largest deterrent for most customers will always be the price. Unless you already have the tracks, then switching from a traditional garage door is rather involved. For each part of the process, you’ll accrue additional expenses. Thus, even though each step might seem affordable, it can be quite expensive in the end.

The Tracks Are a Common Source of Issues for Garage Door Repair in Taunton

After having the tracks installed, keep an eye on them. During the winter, they are a common cause of problems. Suppose water collects inside one of them. Then, the temperature drops below freezing. If that happened, then it might prevent the garage door from moving freely. Until the ice has melted, the garage door will have to sit still, unfortunately.

You’ll Need Enough Horizontal Space for the Doors to Retract

On top of that, without enough horizontal space, you’d have to pay more for folding doors. However, given sufficient space, you can suffice with simpler options. Still, before you make any decisions, ensure that you double-check every measurement. Otherwise, mistakes can be costly.