Deciding on Whether You Should Have a Garage Door With Windows

Pros and Cons of Having Windows on Your Garage Door

Most garage doors tend to lack windows, but that does not mean you cannot have them on yours. Some older garage doors, particularly those from the ’60s and ’70s, had several windows, and modern models can have them too. However, there are several pros and cons of having a garage door with windows.

The Pros of Garage Door Windows

One of the pros of having windows  is that you get a lot more natural light into your garage. This reduces the need to turn on a garage light every time you enter the garage. The windows help increase the heat inside the garage too, which, in turn, keeps the garage warm on colder days and prevents car engines from getting too cold to start easily. Lastly, some windows can be small and positioned very high up at the top, which can serve as a visually pleasing aspect of the door that will make it look unique.

The Cons of Windows

The biggest drawback to having windows on your garage door is the frequency in which they break. A rock or a ball hitting the glass at high velocity will smash the windows, and then you will need a garage door repair in Providence. Another issue with them is that thieves can walk up to your garage door; peer inside; and find out if you are, A, not home because there are no cars in the garage or B, if you have anything in there worth stealing. It is generally why windows in garage doors fell out of style and favor for a long time. However, they can still make an attractive addition to any garage door.