Do You Need Garage Door Insulation in Providence?

Benefits of Garage Door Insulation

Providence has a warm summer and a cold winter. These temperature fluctuations are controlled inside your home through the heating and air conditioning. Your garage is another matter because many people do not heat or cool their garages. If the climate is not controlled inside your garage, it will gradually become the same temperature as the outdoors. One way to control the temperature is to install insulation. This means you need to call a professional who can handle garage door repair in Providence to add insulation to your garage door.

How to Know If You Need Garage Door Insulation

There are two main reasons your garage door may need insulation. One is because you heat or cool your garage and the other is because the rest of your garage is insulated. There is no point in adding insulation to your door if the rest of your space is not insulated. Walls and ceilings that are not insulated will transfer heat.

If you heat or cool the space, then your door needs to have insulation too. The warm or cool air will leak out of your garage door and force your HVAC system to overwork. This not only wastes energy, but it will also make your system weak and require repairs sooner than may have been necessary.

What Is the R-Value?

The measurement of the transfer of heat is called the R-value. Insulation will not stop the transfer of heat, but it will slow it to the point that your garage stays warm during the winter or cool during the summer. For example, without insulation, your garage walls may have an R-value of 4. With insulation, they may have an R-value of 38.

To Insulate or Not to Insulate

Before deciding to have insulation installed on your garage door in Providence, make sure the rest of your space is compatible.