Essential Items to Help With Routine Garage Door Maintenance

The Essentials for Maintaining Your Garage Door

Garage door maintenance isn’t difficult, but many people neglect to do it and they rarely have the right tools for the job. This short guide will show you some of the more important items you should keep on hand in order to keep your garage in shape. All it takes is some routine maintenance to get better longevity from your garage door.

Garage Door Maintenance Lubricant

A garage door goes up and down a lot. This puts a strain on the rollers and tracks as they are in constant friction. The one maintenance item that reduces this friction is lubrication. If you want to keep the rollers and tracks in shape, then you need to lubricate them every now and then.

You don’t have to do this too often, but be sure to check them and make sure the tracks aren’t too dry on your garage doors in Rhode Island.

Wrench and Screwdriver

There are many tiny parts on your garage. There are brackets that hold the panels together, a garage door spring to regulate tension and rollers that help the door move up and down. It’s easy to think of the door as one cohesive unit, but there’s more to it than that. Making sure that all of these parts are tight is essential.

Simply use a wrench and screwdriver and tighten all the little pieces. This will ensure they don’t wear too quickly.

Cloth and Cleaner

Cleaning the garage prevents dirt from building up and causing damage. While you may sometimes need soap and a hose for big messes, you usually just need a cloth and cleaner to get your garage door clean.

Simply spray the cleaner and then wipe it down with the cloth. It should only take a few minutes and your garage door will look great when you’re done.