Everything to Know About Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors can add a distinctive and stylish look to your home. There are many other benefits to getting wooden garage doors, too, including the fact that they are sturdy enough to withstand the elements and the occasional dent from vehicles and small objects. Before you set out to buy garage doors, you’ll need to consider several important factors, such as the style that you want, the level of maintenance involved, and the cost. 

Wood or Wood Composite? 

 When you buy garage doors, you have the choice of getting doors made out of real wood or those made with alternative materials. Faux wood doors are usually made out of fiberglass or steel. They are designed to look like wood, but they often require less maintenance and cost less. Wood composite doors can be finished with an extra coat to add protection, such as a special UV clearcoat or another finish to protect against the elements. 

The Cost of Wood Garage Doors 

 The price of wooden garage doors varies based on the level of the door that you choose. Your options include:

  • Stock
  • Semi-custom
  • Custom

 The least expensive doors are called stock doors, which include many prefabricated doors. They don’t have glass, and they have a generic panel design. Stock doors are the most cost-effective solution, but your options for a custom finish are more limited. Next are semi-custom doors. You have some freedom to design and decorate these doors as you wish, such as deciding on the color, finish, or panel design that you want. You can also choose the type of panel that you want for a semi-custom door, including glass. Custom garage doors are the most expensive, but you can also choose your insulation material, color, finish, panel design, and trim. 

Garage Door Styles

 Garage doors are available in several styles as well. 

  • Raised Panel
  • Contemporary
  • Carriage 

 Raised panel doors are the most common. They have solid frames with floating panels. Contemporary garage doors have a flat surface. They are available in many different colors and finishes. Carriage doors are designed to resemble historical swing-style doors found in carriage houses. Some carriage-style garage doors even have the original swing-style design, but many also have a contemporary roll-up design similar to other contemporary garage doors. 

Care for Your Garage Doors 

 When you buy wooden garage doors, they’ll come with some degree of protection against damage from insects, warping, and rot. However, you’ll still need to check the doors periodically (ideally at least once per year) to look for signs of rot and termite damage. The door may also need to be repainted or refinished from time to time. 

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