Find Out How Long Your Garage Door Will Function Properly

How Long Can You Expect Your Garage Door to Function Properly?

Garage doors are no doubt created to withstand some of the harshest of elements and abuse. Therefore, it’s understandable for homeowners to ask how long their own garage door will function properly. Read on to learn about the many types of materials, as well as the lifespan of each one.

Can Your Garage Door Function Properly for Years with Aluminum?

Perhaps the most popular option for homeowners is the Aluminum garage door. This is because not only is it very affordable, but it provides homeowners with durable material that can last them for years to come.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wood material is one of the most beautiful types of materials you can add to your home garage, but it does come at a price. In addition to being expensive, this type of door also needs a lot of maintenance to keep it looking and working great. Failure to do so will cause the wood to crack and thus become weak. Simply said, it won’t last you long if you don’t put in the work. If you are unfamiliar with just how to take care of one of these, you may want to contact a garage door installation Providence company to seek professional advice.

Steel Garage Doors

If you want strength and low-maintenance, steel is the way to go. Although steel will certainly protect your garage from being damaged, it’s also prone to rust and other chemicals that break it down. Therefore, you should understand that there will be trade-offs, particularly in the lifespan of the door, for the short-term benefits of protection.

Although each type of garage door does hold its benefits in terms of durability, the exact length of your garage door’s useful life will consist of various factors which will include your current location and amount of use. Thus, it is highly recommended to take these factors into account before investing in your garage door material.