Five Simple Garage Door Maintenance Options for Homeowners

Five Garage Door Maintenance Items Professionals Fix Most Often

When you buy a home, you must keep the property in excellent shape. Garage door repair Rhode Island options help you keep the doors, openers, and electrics in working condition. You should contact a technician when you experience any of the five garage door maintenance problems listed below.

Garage Door Maintenance for Wiring

You must have the wiring for your garage door opener, panels, and sensors repaired when the opener malfunctions. Malfunctioning wiring can cause your opener to jerk, damage your doors, and even damage the tracks for the door. Plus, you might be stuck in the house if broken wiring prevents you from opening the doors.

Garage Door Spring Repairs

The spring for each garage door must be adjusted when it is too tight or too loose. Your garage doors will not close properly if the spring is too tight, and the doors are not secure if the spring is too loose. The technician can adjust the springs, or they can replace the spring to prevent damage to your garage doors.

Garage Panel Alignment

If your garage doors jerk, the panels could be bent or damaged. Damaged panels will cause the doors to close unevenly, and the doors will sustain more damage over time. Also, your technician might need to fix the tracks, wheels, or opener because of panel damage.

Sensor Malfunctions

The sensors at the base of your garage opening must be aligned properly. When the sensors are not aligned, you cannot close your doors completely.

Garage Door Motor Repairs

Garage door maintenance must include the motor for your opener motor. The repair technician can adjust the motor, or they might replace parts. In extreme cases, the motor must be replaced.

Each of these garage door hacks can be handles when your garage doors are not behaving properly. Turn the garage door opener off and call your garage door service technician immediately.