Frequent Injuries That Occur During DIY Garage Door Installation and Ways to Avoid Them

Common DIY Garage Door Installation Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Often, the benefits of tackling home improvements on your own seem too good to overlook. If you get the projects done right, you can save money and have a rewarding accomplishment to share with friends and family. But you also run the risk of causing extra damage to your home and possibly injuring yourself. When it comes to your garage, there are many important steps to complete to install it correctly and without mishap. Here are common DIY garage door installation accidents and ways to prevent them.

Slipping Off Your Ladder While Using Garage Door Tools

When it comes to garage doors in Rhode Island, using a ladder is an important part of the process. Although ladder accidents can be prevented, they still happen quite often. You may choose a worn, broken down ladder that can’t support your weight or try to reach for an extra part while still on the ladder’s rungs. With these risky moves, you could end up in a lot of pain and embarrassment. To keep this from happening, check the ladder before using it to ensure that it is in solid shape. Also, get down from the ladder if you need to get something so that you can maintain a steady grip.

Incorrect Use of Tools During Installation

Once you start installing garage doors, you may feel confident you can figure out which tools to use. However, using the wrong tools or using them incorrectly can be a costly mistake. You could be using a tool that is too powerful for the task at hand or have an awkward grip, which causes the gadget to slip. Injuries from this can go from scratches and cuts to punctures and fractures. Rather than spending an evening in the emergency room, you can do thorough research on your tools so that you are using them correctly.