Garage Door Colors: The Top 5 to Use to Increase Curb Appeal

The Most Popular Garage Door Colors

When choosing a garage door, it is important to think about what material it will be made from and whether it will be insulated or not. It is also critical to consider what color the door will be. White, black and gray are among the most popular colors, and beige and red are also among the top five most popular colors to use on a garage door.

Why Black and White Are Among the Top Five Colors on a Garage Door

Black and white are among the top five colors to use on a garage door because they are neutral colors. This means that they are appropriate almost regardless of what color your home’s siding, roof or front door may be. Using black or a dark gray can be ideal for those who want to minimize the appearance of smudges or other imperfections on their doors.

Why Beige and Red Are Popular Colors

Beige or tan garage doors can create a softer and more subtle look on a home, and this can be ideal if you have used dark colors elsewhere on the home’s exterior. Red and other bright colors can help the door pop against white or creme siding. A brighter color may be seen as a signal that a home is fun, energetic and inviting, and this may make a home more attractive to buyers.

Cracked or Chipped Paint Should Be Repaired Quickly

If you notice that paint has chipped, cracked or faded, it may be a good idea to have it inspected by a technician who does garage door repair in Rhode Island. This may allow you to prevent secondary damage from occurring as the paint is intended to act as a barrier against water or pest damage. It can also act as a barrier from sun or wind damage as well.