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Emergency Release Cord

Emergency Release Cord Services

The emergency release cord can be found in all modern garage doors. This safety feature makes it possible to manually open the garage door during emergencies.

This cord is typically bright red and suspended from the trolley – typically close to the motor that moves the door along its designated track. When the cord is firmly pulled, it disconnects the door from the motor do you can open it yourself.

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Does My Emergency Release Cord Need to Be Replaced?

Since garage door emergency release cords aren’t used often, they don’t often require replacement. But, like all components, they’re still susceptible to factors like harsh weather and age. 

Here are a few reasons your emergency release cord could stop working:

  • The release cord is old – Over the course of time, the cord may deteriorate, become brittle, or develop frayed sections, making it more prone to snapping.
  • Incorrect or improper use – Exerting excessive force or pulling the cord at an improper angle can result in damage or breakage. It’s important to use the cord correctly and adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Rust and corrosion – The presence of rust or corrosion on the trolley can lead to excess friction and damage. Regular maintenance can help prevent rust buildup and wear.

While we don’t recommend using the release cord except in emergencies, it’s a good idea to test it every once in a while. A broken release cord can prevent you from opening the garage door in an emergency. If you discover that it’s not working the way it should, it’s best to call Precision right away!

Using the Emergency Release Cord

Can’t open the garage door? Before using the release cord, check for easy fixes. Check to see if the opener remote has working batteries, make sure power is getting to the opener, and unlock the garage door (if you have a manual lock).

If none of those issues are to blame, here are the steps you can take to use the emergency release cord.

1. Make sure the door is fully closed. Your garage door could have a broken spring or cable and come crashing down if the cord is released while they’re open. Never attempt to use the release cord while the door is open.

2. Locate the emergency release cord and genty pull it downward with a consistent, firm motion. This disengages the door from the motor and allows it to be lifted manually.

3. Be cautious when manually lifting the garage door, especially if it’s heavy. Grasp the door handle firmly and raise it vertically. If the door is too heavy or lifting becomes difficult, call the pros for help.

4. When you’re done using the door, return it to the closed position.

Precision Garage Door technician showing customer how to use the emergency release cord

5. You’ll need to re-engage the motor after closing the door. Reconnect it by pulling the emergency release cord in the direction of the door until you hear a clicking sound.

Your garage door could stop working for a variety of reasons – we’re here to help! At Precision, we perform a 25-point safety inspection to get to the bottom of your garage door issues. Give us a call if you’re having trouble opening your garage door or using the emergency release cord.

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