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Garage Door Repair

Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

We typically replace garage door openers when they completely break down, or when a homeowner wants features or functionality their current opener doesn’t offer.

Whether your opener is beyond repair or you just want an upgrade, we offer replacements and professional installation. We stock an assortment of LiftMaster Garage Door openers on our trucks, so we will be able to replace your garage door opener on the first visit.

When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Here are the most common reasons your opener can’t be repaired and may need to be replaced:

  • Your current opener was made before 1993. Older models of garage door openers don’t have today’s safety features in place. Therefore, we will not work on these openers and strongly recommend replacement.
  • Your opener doesn’t have photoelectric eyes. This means your opener doesn’t have a safety measure to prevent your door from closing on people, animals, or objects under the door.
  • Your opener has been recalled. For your safety, we can’t repair any openers that have been recalled.
  • Your opener has been discontinued. In this case, replacement parts are often no longer available.

What’s the Best Replacement Garage Door Opener?

The two most important factors when choosing a new garage door opener are the drive type and the horsepower level. Drive type affects how the opener operates and its noise level. Horsepower affects its lifting strength and durability. 

See our complete guide to Choosing a New Garage Door Opener for more details.

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