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Garage Door Panel Replacement

It can be stressful when something happens to your garage door panels. Not only does it throw off the aesthetic of your home’s exterior, but broken panels can also prevent your door from working at all.

If you’re dealing with a garage door panel issue, call Precision today!

How Do Garage Door Panels Get Damaged?

Aside from everyday wear and tear, there are two main culprits of garage door panel damage: weather and impact.

When it comes to weather, your garage door panels could be affected by events like high winds – that’s why garage door hurricane protection is important – but you may be surprised how damaging some simple precipitation can be. We’ve seen issues like clogged gutters catch homeowners by surprise.

Rainfall that spills over the gutters into the panels (and other door parts) can cause rust and early deterioration. Weatherstripping can help keep moisture out, but seals won’t be nearly as effective if a panel is broken.

Damage due to weather or repeated use is usually fairly easy to see. However, the damage may be less obvious if your garage door has been impacted. Accidents can harm all of your garage door components, not just the ones you can see, so getting help from a professional is important.

When to Call Precision

If your garage door has been impacted by something like a bicycle, lawnmower, or vehicle (it happens to the best of us), it’s best to call Precision as soon as possible.

The impact could cause unseen damage that stresses every part of the door and leads to larger, more expensive issues in the future.

Our professional technicians can assess the damage and recommend the best course of action.

While we can sometimes replace individual garage door panels that have been damaged, homeowners will find that replacing the garage door offers the highest return on investment – especially if the door is old or has additional issues.

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Why Choose Us?

We follow three industry best practices to find the best solutions for your home and family.

25-Point Safety Inspection

We know your family’s safety is the #1 priority. Our professional technicians will perform a comprehensive 25-point safety assessment to detect any damage that could potentially compromise the safety of your garage door.

Industry's Best Warranty

Our technicians are trained to provide top-notch repair services no matter the size, weight, or style of your garage door. We only use the highest-quality parts and offer an exceptional warranty that reflects the quality of our work.

Professional Recommendations

We’ll walk you through all available options and address any concerns or questions you may have about your garage door. Our goal is to ensure your door works safely and help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

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