Garage Door Rollers

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Garage Door Roller Replacement

Garage door rollers help connect to your garage door to the track, and most residential doors usually have up to ten rollers. They’re one of many components that help keep your door moving smoothly. 

Your rollers experience stress each time your door opens and closes, so even the strongest ones will need to be replaced eventually.

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When to Replace the Rollers

Just like garage door springs, the lifespan of garage door rollers can vary depending on their quality – but it’s typically about 10,000 cycles. 

Over time, your garage door will likely send some SOS signals to let you know the rollers are wearing out. If you notice any of the following signs, it might be an indication that it’s time to consider replacing them:

  • Your garage door is opening or closing more slowly than it should
  • The movements of your garage door have become less smooth and more erratic
  • You hear grinding or squealing noises when using the door
  • Your garage door fails to open or close fully

Since worn-out garage door rollers can place excess stress on other parts of your garage door system, it’s best to reach out to Precision as soon as you suspect any issues.

Not Sure Your Rollers Are the Issue?

No problem! At Precision, we complete a 25-point safety inspection before beginning any work on your door.

This lets us find the source of your garage door issues as well as any potential safety hazards.

We then recommend repair or replacement options based on safety, cost-effectiveness, and value to you and your home.

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Professional Garage Door Roller Replacement

At Precision, we install high-quality parts that are built to last for garage doors of all sizes, styles, and weights.

Precision uses a nylon dust-capped roller that have sealed 13-ball bearings, making them much quieter. The seals prevents dust and debris from entering the roller, making them last far longer than other rollers and the will never need to be lubed.

Other companies will use noisy rollers without a bearing, causing them to shake and wear down more quickly or even break prematurely.

A Company You Can Trust

Our customers are our neighbors, and we’re proud to offer trusted garage door repair services to homeowners in our community. Here are some of the kind words left by people we’ve helped in the past.

“Great company to do business with, very reliable, and the install guys are great. Thank you again for the new garage door.” – Carmine D.

“Almost instant service with excellent explanation of problems and effecient repairs/replacement. Technician was very courteous as well as knowledgeable. Great communication from the company regarding the appointment. I recommend them highly.” – Kenneth R.

“Andrew went above and beyond to help fix a mysterious problem with my garage door. I am very grateful. Thank you, Andrew!” – Lisa R.

“Service provided was excellent. Technician was polite and gave me an estimate with different options. Walked me through the process and answered any question I had with courtesy and patience.” – Vicki S.

“Company serviced my garage door the same day I called. The service tech was very pleasant and explained everything he was going to do. Was very good at what he did. Very happy I chose Precision Door.” – Ed G.

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