Garage Doors That Are Resistant to Salt Damage

Installing Garage Doors That Resist Salt Damage

Living in coastal areas is a dream come true for many homeowners, except when it comes to dealing with the elements. Extreme heat and salt in the air can do a lot of damage to things like vehicles and structures with metal moving parts like garage doors. Here’s more information about addressing salt damage on your garage door.

How Humidity, Sun and Salt Damage Affect Garage Doors

Humidity, sun, and the salty air can damage your home, structures, and furniture. Living close to water is great if you have a boat and like to fish, but it has its downsides too. One negative about living in a coastal area is the exposure to salt in the air.

You might not have given it much thought, but salt can damage your garage doors over time. It can affect how they open and close and may pose a safety hazard. Salt and humidity lead to rust and corrosion on tracks and moving parts of the doors. It may also cause warping if the doors are made of wood.

Things That May Help Solve the Problem

Lubricate Moving Parts: A little spritz of WD-40 helps to lubricate the parts and offers a little protection from rust temporarily. This is an old mechanic’s trick and will help keep down on rust and metal degradation.

Clean and Seal the Doors Often: Another way to keep down on rust is to clean the tracks and surface of the doors often and apply a protective barrier like a sealant or wax made to resist water.

Install New Garage Doors: There are several good reasons to replace your garage doors with ones that are more resistant to the elements. Installing new garage doors enhances the beauty of the home’s exterior, may increase its market value and may help lower heating and cooling costs by being more efficient.

Garage doors made of materials that resist moisture are the best for areas affected by salt and humidity. You could talk to a professional who performs garage door installation in Providence about what type of doors will be best for your home.