Garage Screens Expand Your Living Space and Create Energy Efficiency

Garage Screens Add Safety and Save Money

Garage doors in Rhode Island with screens are becoming more and more popular these days so that people can use their garages for more than just parking cars and storing personal items.

Garage Screens Create Energy Efficiency

One of the greatest garage screen benefits is that it creates energy efficiency in a number of ways. The airflow that is generated helps to control the heat most of the year, which minimizes the number of times you have to open the garage door. This allows your garage door system to last longer and lowers the use of energy. It also helps to keep the house cooler by preventing the hot air from the garage to build up and inadvertently heat the house. When you are securing your garage door installation in Rhode Island, be sure to inquire about screens so that you can install both at the same time.

Added Protection

An open garage door leaves the area vulnerable to various aspects. With a garage screen installation, your expensive lawn equipment and other items being stored are better protected from potential theft. The garage is also better protected from dirt, debris, insects, animals and more. You can also spend time in the garage without worrying about rain and wind ruining your experience. And a thief is far more likely to steal from an open garage door rather than to take the time and risk to enter through a garage door screen. They are a wonderful deterrent to criminals.