Getting Your Garage Door Ready For Winter

Getting Your Garage Door Ready for Winter

We oftentimes take for granted that our garage door will run smoothly, opening and closing properly whenever we need it to. Unfortunately, the winter weather in Rhode Island can wreak havoc on the mechanisms of garage doors, causing a series of problems that might slow things down, or even flat out trap your car in your garage. There are a few steps you can take to minimize the issues the cold weather might cause though, keeping your garage doors in Rhode Island running as usual even in the coldest of weather.

Keep Things Lubricated

The moisture from the cold weather can lead to the rollers and tracks of your garage door sticking. This can cause your garage door to be more jittery when opening, or just flat out getting stuck. Keeping all of the metal parts of your door well lubricated with an oil-based lubricant can help prevent the moving parts from sticking.

Check Your External Keypad

Cold weather can cripple electronics that aren’t well insulated or have old or fraying wiring, loose connections, or other issues. Ensuring your keypad is in good condition, or replacing an older keypad can help keep you from getting stuck at home with a garage door that won’t open.

Ensure Easy Access to Winter Tools

Despite proper preparations, heavy snowfalls can still interfere with the regular operation of a garage door. The extra weight from built-up snow pressing against the door will shift the angle of the rollers and tracks, interfering with proper door function. In this case, you’ll need to shovel the snow first, so make sure you can easily grab your snow shovel or snow blower without having to open the garage door to get to it or store them in a shed or other storage area.

Schedule a Safety Inspection Before Winter Sets in

There are some issues that you might not be able to account for, like hidden structural damage, internal wiring issues with the keypad, or older parts being on their last legs. Before the winter season, it is a good idea to schedule a safety inspection. A professional will examine all of your equipment and make sure your garage door is in good condition before the winter starts, and will likely be able to perform any repair or maintenance work needed to fix any potential issues he spots along the way.