How to Determine If an Automatic Garage Door Is Better for You

Automatic Garage Doors Versus Manual Ones

If you are looking for a new home, there’s a chance that the garage door will be automatic, meaning you can simply press a button to open it. In fact, real estate agents will deem manual garage doors as a downgrade, but is it really? The following includes detail information regarding both types of garage doors and which actually provide you with more benefits.

Automatic Garage Doors

Having an automatic garage door preference doesn’t make you lazy or selfish; in fact, automatic garage doors provide people with a plethora of benefits. These may include allowing you to avoid getting wet or injured during a bad thunderstorm, which can be very beneficial to those with disabilities. Another big selling point for automatic doors is that nobody even has to know you have one. The way manufacturers have designed their doors allow it to hide many of the components present and thus doesn’t take away from your home’s aesthetics. A few cons include the automatic installation process. It cannot only be tedious to have someone install it, but paying for the parts may get pricey. Because of these components, you may also find yourself needing to contact a garage door repair Rhode Island company to fix a few issues here and there.

Manual Doors

Although there are certain cases that warrant the installation of a manual garage door, unfortunately, having manual preferences doesn’t have too much to stand on. Yes, manual doors are much cheaper to obtain and install, but unlike automatic doors which can be easily fixed, once an area of your manual door breaks, the whole door will go with it. In addition, manual doors may not provide you with the best of safety protections as a broken extension spring can quickly bring down the entire door.