How to Figure Out If Your Garage Really Needs a Battery Backup

Does My Garage Door Need a Battery Backup?

When it comes to added costs, homeowners, as well as contractors, tend to do everything possible to minimize this issue. This is often done by asking themselves if something is actually needed or not within a home. The installation of a battery backup within a garage is one of those things that has been confusing homeowners for years. Thus, the following includes information regarding this decision.

Some States Require Better Battery Backup Systems

Due to recent fires, states such as California have made it law that either contractors or homeowners install backup batteries onto their garage door. This is because many families were unfortunately trapped within their home when the fire cut off energy to the door, thus making it impossible to get out. However, if you live on the east coast and are not sure, it is recommended to be informed by a garage door repair Rhode Island company in order to get a better answer on that particular state’s laws.

Do You Only Have One Way In?

If you are not required by state law to install a back-up battery, but you are still not sure if you need one, ask yourself, do you have extra doors that lead into your garage, or is there only one? If you have a home that is connected to the garage, you might not need an added battery. However, some detached garages only have one entry into the space, and thus the need for a back-up battery is highly recommended. A backup battery is useful in the event that your primary battery dies during a surge in electricity, or a power outage happens. If you have no other way into your garage, you may be stuck outside until either power comes back up or you force the door open another way. In this case, the answer is that yes, it would be the smart thing to do to install a backup garage door battery.