How to Inspect and Repair a Home Garage Door After Storm Damage

Repairing Your Garage Door After Storm Damage

Often times, homeowners believe that their garage is never going to be damaged by the elements; after all, most people don’t live by the coast or through areas where tornadoes form. However, everyone does live in areas where thunderstorms form. If the strong winds don’t damage it flying debris will. Therefore, it is paramount that you know about some of the ways to repair your garage door after it receives storm damage.

First Things First

Before attempting any job on a severely damaged garage door, you may want to contact your homeowner’s insurance company. If the damages are big enough or you simply have way too many, they can provide you with the funds needed to get your garage door back in working condition.

Storm Damage Causes Garage Door to be Stuck

One of the most common issues you’re going to face after a thunderstorm is your garage door simply not working. You may realize that your keypad is no responding nor your remote control for it. So, what’s likely the issue? Because storms can be very powerful in terms of wind and water, they may have simply thrown water into the garage and short-circuited the motor. In this instance, you may have a Providence garage door installation company come in to fix this type of issue.

Garage Door Moves by Itself

No, your garage isn’t haunted with ghosts, the most common reason when this occurs is that your extension springs are weak. They may have been damaged during the storm, and now they cannot hold the weight of your door. In this instance, you should never attempt to fix them on your own. A spring that snaps on a person can cause severe bodily harm or even death. Instead, seek the services of a professional garage door company to fix the issue for you.