How to Match a Garage Door to Your Home

Making Your Home and Garage Door Match

Ideally, you will want your garage door to mesh well with the rest of your home’s exterior. This can be done by making your door the same color as the exterior of your home, or by using a color that goes well with your home’s siding, roof and other doors. You will also ideally pick a garage door material that is either the same as other outdoor components or that looks the same as these components.

Match a Garage Door to Your Home by Color

Generally speaking, you can get a garage door in almost any color that you want. Therefore, it should be easy to match a garage door to your home regardless of whether it is a neutral color like white or a loud color like red or orange. Although some doors come with paint or stain already included, it may be necessary for some garage doors in Rhode Island to be painted after they arrive at your home.

Match a Garage Door Based on Material

If you have wood siding, it may be a good idea to install a garage door that is made from wood. If your home’s siding is made from vinyl or fiberglass, it may be best to buy a door that is made from these materials. In many cases, doors can be treated or otherwise manufactured to look like wood or metal even if they are actually made from something else.

The Top Priority Should Be a Door That Works

While the color and style of your garage door is important, your top priority should be to buy something that works well and fits within your budget. Garage door companies may be able to help you balance your aesthetic preferences with your need to stay within a certain price point.